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Question   OIbhkdrUg
Most help airtcles on the web are inaccurate or incoherent. Not this!

- Kaed Kaed January 13, 2012

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Question   Your Images
Haven't visited in a while. The Digital Art gallery is outstanding!
Hope to see you this Winter.


- Howard A. Wood November 11, 2009

  Answer Howard,
Thanks for looking. We will be spending Thanksgiving in Arizona and will probably take a bike trip to White Sands in New Mexico. Have you been there?

- Stacy Lankford  November 11, 2009

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Question   wonderful work
I'm Oliver the husband of Tina, she works for j crew and told me about you and your photography website..
I really enjoyed viewing the gallery of your photography collections, you do have such a good eyes catching all these images.. love the Black and White set specially the portrait of different people, the expression on their faces always tells a lot of stories of their lives,-wonderful work..the death valley and the southwest set are very nice as well.

keep shooting

- Oliver Macaraig December 12, 2008

  Answer Hi Oliver,
Thanks for visiting my website and I really appreciate your comments. Black and white photography is an area I find very challenging and have been working on that kind of image. Best wishes to you and tina.

- Stacy Lankford  April 04, 2009

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Question   PERU
Hey Stacy!
Im sure those are only a select few of the amazing pictures you took in Peru! They are unreal. You see the world through different eyes, and you make that view visible to others through your photos. So thank you for that. It was so great meeting you on our NG Expedition. If you're ever in CO please feel free to contact me! Again, your pictures are truly amazing!!

- Charlotte Hamilton August 21, 2008


- Charliefosu Charliefosu  September 28, 2017

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Question   Love your work!
Good work! I like your images very much!

- Carmen O'Connor July 24, 2008

  Answer Life is short, and this article saved vualbale time on this Earth.

- Jody Jody  August 22, 2011

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Question   Fantastic images!
Your pictures are wonderful, Stacy. I'm slowly working my way through your galleries and have just now viewed "The Wave". Great capture of light and detail. Thanks for sharing.

- Bev Brink July 03, 2008

  Answer Paulie Jazz is a 17 year old girl. Can you remember how black and white tinghs were at that age? Or how you thought you knew everything, but that life teaches you otherwise? Jazz has already experienced a lot, but has so much more to. We are privileged not only to have been given into restricted growth, but also what drugs do to families and how it is a painful process for ALL those involved. My thoughts go out to all 3 of them and the rest of the family.

- Donnie Donnie  May 13, 2012

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Question   Subject matter
Why don't you take any pictures of cute doggies or kitties?

-  January 02, 2008

  Answer They won't hold still like a mountain or cactus!

- Stacy Lankford  January 02, 2008

  Answer As you know, the peep is hopeless with croputems so photoshopping really isn't in the cards. I think she thought it meant shopping for photos. Anyway, she's gonna try to figure something out tomorrow, okay? But if she doesn't, it's not 'cause she didn't want to. It's just 'cause she's a peep. Know what I mean?

- Midori Midori  May 12, 2012

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Question   Good Pictures
I'm proud of you, Beez!!

-  May 24, 2007

  Answer Thanks, Brent! Have a nice day in Arizona. I am off to Philadelphia this morning.


- Stacy Lankford  May 25, 2007

  Answer None

- Pat Williams  April 04, 2009

  Answer Well macdaaima nuts, how about that.

- Lesa Lesa  August 22, 2011

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Question   Beautiful photos
I've put your site in "favorites" so I can give it a full look later...but from what I saw, I'm sure they are all just as awesome. Picked up your site from a comment on BP.

- Mary E. Heinz April 24, 2007

  Answer Thank you, Mary, I appreciate your kind remarks.

- Stacy Lankford  April 24, 2007

  Answer Smack-dab what I was lokiong for-ty!

- Charlee Charlee  August 22, 2011

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Question   So much beauty!
I really enjoyed going through your website, Stacy! You have a very fine eye for composition, color and details. You have produced some very inspiring work.

- Terry L. Ellis January 15, 2007

  Answer Thank you, Terry for the nice comments and support!

- Stacy Lankford  January 15, 2007

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Question   TYPE

-  May 16, 2006

  Answer Thanks for the compliment. These are digitqal images, shot with Nikon D2x and D200 as well as D70.

- Stacy Lankford  May 16, 2006

  Answer Having seen the first programme on William and the sgglrtues he and his wife have had to get this project off the ground, who couldn't want them to succeed? Who wouldn't want to know what happens next? Who wouldn't want to experience this product which seems so amazing? In this culture of convenience and a lot of artifice, not only does the product come over as being the genuine article but so do its producers. They take the chances to live what they believe; we so need that example these days always have but nowadays it is even more precious perhaps when we are dulled by so much by the myth of 'safety' and the lure of it by all and sundry. This couple engage totally with life and I admire them so much. That inspiration also applies to the fact the two of them, clearly under huge pressure stay so focussed and dedicated to working together despite the frictions and difficulties that must arise. If one falls, so does the other, and so far that hasn't happened. Another inspiration there. Shame about the need for that loan for the spanish machine; I know someone who would have jumped at the chance of being a part of that!

- Yayaly Yayaly  May 11, 2012

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Question   The tour
Thank you for the tour through all the beauty you have captured. Everything has so much depth and interest. Your talent is obvious..

Loved it!

-  May 13, 2006


- Stacy Lankford  May 13, 2006

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Question   Your photos
This is a great site Stacy - you really have an eye for capturing beautiful pictures. They are very inspirational as well. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

-  May 12, 2006

  Answer Thank you

- Stacy Lankford  May 13, 2006

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